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New Release of CLM320F28335 series DSP from Chiplon Microelectronics
Date:2023-10-12 Souce: Chiplon Microelectronics

1. Product Overview

Chiplon introduces a new DSP for industrial application. The CLM320F28335 is a high efficiency 32-bit RISC-V CPU core. Compared with previous fixed-point DSPs, the device has high precision, low cost, low power consumption, high performance, high peripheral integration, large data and program storage, and more accurate and fast A/D conversion.The CLM320F28335 features a high-speed processing capacity of 150MHz, a 32-bit floating-point processing unit, six DMA channels supporting ADC, McBSP and EMIF, and up to 18 PWM outputs. Six of these outputs are unique higher precision PWM outputs (HRPWM), and it also includes a 12-bit 16-channel ADC. With its floating-point arithmetic unit, users can efficiently write control algorithms without spending excessive time and energy on decimal operations. Compared to the previous generation DSP, the average performance has been improved by 50%. It is compatible with the fixed-point C28 series controller software, simplifying software development, shortening development cycles and reducing costs. The product offers full replacement compatibility by directly replacing international similar products pin-to-pin without requiring changes to the circuit board or system software. Chiplon Microelectronics has developed its own test program to ensure that factory products meet or exceed original specifications and support vehicle specification level operating temperatures (-40℃ ~ 125℃).

2.Product Features

Efficient 32-bit RISC-V CPU core, up to 150MHz, single precision floating-point arithmetic unit

On-chip storage: 256K flash and 34K SRAM, 1K user programmable OTP, protected by code encryption, boot ROM

Code encryption security module: user can develop, protect FLASH, SRAM, OTP

External interface: Supports 16bit/32bit

6-channel DMA controller: Low power consumption: Supports external   wake-up function

Clock, reset and interrupt system: external oscillator, PLL, watchdog, ePIE, external interrupt, CPU timer

Enhanced peripheral: 18 ePWM, 6 HRPWM, eCAP, eQEP

Multiple serial communication interfaces: SCI/UART, SPI, I2C, MCBSP, eCAN

Flexible universal IO ports: up to 88 reusable GPIOs with filtering function

High precision ADC

Supports JTAG debugging and boundary scanning


Advanced driver assistance system

Building automation

Electronic sales terminal

Electric vehicle/Hybrid Electric vehicle power transmission

Factory automation

Grid infrastructure

Industrial transportation

Medical, health and fitness

Motor driver

Electricity transmission

Telecommunication infrastructure

Test and measurement

4.Selection Table

5.Application Block Diagram