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Chiplon Microelectronics is participating in the "hard-core Chinese chip", please help cast a valuable vote to support the domestic DSP digital signal processor
Date:2020-09-13 Souce: 启珑

Chiplon Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in integrated circuit chip design. It is a professional industrial-grade DSP digital signal processor, USB interface chip and a leading domestic provider of IoT embedded chip products and solutions. Committed to providing better products and services for industrial control, consumer electronics, medical equipment, smart home and automotive applications.

The company was founded by many returnees who have studied and worked in Europe and the United States. The solid theoretical foundation and rich chip design experience have laid a high starting point and high standard for Chiplon Microelectronics, and it has rapidly grown into China with independent intellectual property rights in the industry. One of IC design brands.

At the beginning of its establishment, Chiplon Microelectronics was rated as "Top Ten Most Potential Chinese IC Design Companies", specializing in the provision and service of DSP digital signal processors and embedded solutions. In the past ten years, it has been awarded the "Five Great China Innovative IC Design Company"; it has obtained 39 patents and 58 layout design rights; its core technology covers ultra-low power consumption, high reliability, multi-core, etc.; the products developed are also It was recognized as a key new product in Beijing.